Michelin Commander III Cruiser Rear Tire

Michelin Commander III Cruiser Rear Tire

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The MICHELIN Commander III Cruiser tire is engineered to deliver outstanding wet grip without compromising longevity compared to its predecessor. The distinctive tread patterns and patented velvet sidewall designs of the new line enhance the styling of all V-Twin motorcycles. Expanding on the highly acclaimed MICHELIN Commander II tire, the newest addition to the cruiser portfolio is designed to deliver exceptional wet grip and extraordinary durability.

Michelin developed this tire line to optimize riding enjoyment with a focus on improving the tread life and wet grip versus the already widely accepted Commander II tire line. Building on the powerful reputation of the Commander II Tire, the Commander III promises to raise the standards for V-Twin and cruiser tires to an all-new level. The commitment to MICHELIN Total Performance makes the MICHELIN Commander III tire line the trusted choice for the V-Twin community.


  • Silica Rain Technology integrated into the tire tread compound prevents all forms of uneven wear
  • The unique high-density carcass improves maneuverability while the tire's aramid fiber crown ply enhances endurance while reducing mass
  • Exceptional wet weather grip and traction owed to the numerous lengthwise tread grooves to enhance water dispersion and a 3% higher notch rate than the Michelin Commander II
  • Incomparable longevity at no cost to dry and wet traction


  • Casing rigidity, handling and ease of installation are improved by square bead wires
  • Excellent stability is provided by Aramid tread plies on the tire to resist centrifugal growth
  • Integrated Amplified Density Technology delivers excellent feedback and handling in a dense, ultra rigid tire casing
  • Premium Touch Technology sidewalls